Admissions – Master

Master's degree course in Engineering Electrical


  • Deadline for application: June 26, 2024.
  • Selection result: from July 9, 2024.
  • Start of classes for Academic Semester 2024.2: scheduled for August 5, 2024 (calendar and face-to-face and non-face-to-face classes will follow UFSC resolutions in force during the period).

Application Procedure
The candidate must follow the steps described below to register and send the documentation.

  1. First step: fill out the form available in the UFSC Postgraduate Academic Control system (CAPG), available at . The candidate must register, access the system, fill out the application form with their data, send the form via the system and generate a PDF of proof of application on the CAGP website.
  2. Second step: Complete the additional information and documentation using the form available at . One of the documents requested will be the PDF of the form mentioned in the First Step.

 Necessary documents

  • Duly completed application forms;
  • Photocopy of CPF or passport for foreigners;
  • Photocopy of diplomas upon graduation*;
  • Academic transcripts from graduation**.
  • Photocopy of Identity card - Driver’s license card does not replace it;
  • A 3x4 photograph;
  • Photocopy of birth or marriage certificate;
  • Curriculum on the Lattes Platform;
  • Essay, measuring between 300 and 600 words, containing the following information: Title, Author, intended Line of Research, your motivation to work in the chosen line of research, and adherence of your academic and/or professional profile to the research topics developed in the intended line of research.

*or declaration of course completion, and a photocopy of the diploma must be delivered to the secretariat upon first registration. For foreigners, diplomas must be authenticated by the Brazilian embassy in the country of origin.

** The undergraduate transcript obtained abroad must specify the number of class hours required to complete the course (minimum of 2700 hours), as well as its duration (minimum of 4 years). Master's degree completed abroad must be equivalent to that completed at PPGEEL.

Selection Process and Course Operation

The selection of candidates registered for the Master's Degree is made by a committee of professors with a student representative and the classification process is the result of the analysis of the candidate's documentation (curriculum vitae and academic record, in addition to other documents requested). The master's course has a regulatory duration of two years, with the first year dedicated to the student's training and the second to carrying out research and writing the dissertation. The definition of the master's theme and the advisor takes place throughout the first year of activities as students acquire the minimum training required for research work. Students newly enrolled in the course will have an academic advisor, temporary and defined by PPGEEL, who will help them choose the subjects to be studied until they define their respective master's topics and definitive advisors.


The program currently has around 70 master's scholarships. Part of them will be allocated to students who enter the program at the beginning of the year, and obtain the best classifications in the selection process. The remaining scholarships will be allocated to students with the best academic performance, as ongoing dissertations are completed.

Application Documents

Notice 2024-2 (English Version)


Application Form