Power Electronics and Electrical Drives

The area of Power Electronics and Electrical Drives aims to train engineers specialized in  power electronics and electrical drives. The area also aims to produce, assimilate and disseminate scientific and technological knowledge in these two fields.


Research in this area began around 1982 when the Electrical Machines Drives Sector changed its name to Electrical Machines and Power Electronics Laboratory (LAMEP). Nowadays, through the Power Electronics Institute (INEP) and the Photovoltaic Laboratory, the focus is on research and technological development in Power Electronics. Research areas include soft switching, high-power-factor rectifiers, generation and synthesis of new topologies of static converters, modelling and control of static converters, modulation strategies of static converters, renewable energies, numerical simulation of static converters, high frequency transformers and inductors, digital control of static converters, active filters, dc-dc converters, harmonics in  low voltage electrical installations, multilevel converters, inverters and applications of converters in modern energy distribution networks.

Research Topics

  • Fundamentals of Electrical Energy Electronic Processing
  • Power Quality (Electronically Processed Energy)
  • Power Electronics for Electric Mobility
  • Direct Current Microgrids
  • Renewable Electrical Energy Processing
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems
  • Commercial and Industrial Applications of Static Converters
  • Electrical Drives



  1. André Luís Kirsten, Dr. ()
  2. Arnaldo José Perin, Dr. ()
  3. Denizar Cruz Martins, Dr. ()
  4. Gierri Waltrich, Dr. ()
  5. Ivo Barbi, Dr. ()
  6. Marcelo Lobo Heldwein, Dr. ()
  7. Roberto Francisco Coelho, Dr. ()
  8. Samir Ahmad Mussa, Dr. ()
  9. Telles Brunelli Lazzarin, Dr. ()