The organizational structure of the PPGEEL is formed by the coordinator, the deputy coordinator, a council, and a management committee, whose executive functions are governed by the council.

The Coordination

The Coordination is composed of the Coordinator and the Deputy Coordinator, who are responsible for the administrative and academic coordination activities. They chair both the Council and the Management Committee.

The Council

The Council is the highest deliberative body and is composed of the Coordinator, the Deputy Coordinator, four full faculty members accredited by the program and a student representative. It deliberates on the main decisions to be taken in the program, such as new projects, new course implementation, resources allocation from funding agencies, among others. The members of the Council, as well as the Coordinator and the Deputy Coordinator, are elected among PPGEEL's full faculty members for a two-year term.

The Management Committee

The management committee coordinates the activities of four specific committees, namely:

Evaluation and Planning Committee: it deals with the Multiannual Plan and prepares the CAPES Report each year. The purpose of this report is to evaluate the program's performance and to define the internal evaluation mechanisms of PPGEEL. This committee also deals with the planning of the program's activities.

Promotion Committee: it promotes the activities of PPGEEL, keeps track of alumni in their new activities, and is responsible for the elaboration and updating of this website. It is also responsible for designing new promotion projects.

Resource Management Committee: it defines strategies and actions for fundraising, as well as the priority policies for the use of resources.

Educational and Academic Affairs Committee: it monitors and evaluates the educational and academic structure of the entire program. It is also responsible for proposing policies for faculty accreditation, student admission, scholarship allocation, course credit transfer and recognition of graduate degrees obtained in other institutions.

Coordination Team

  • Coordinator: Prof. Telles Brunelli Lazzarin. E-mail:
  • Deputy Coordinator: Prof. Eduardo Augusto Bezerra. E-mail:

Administrative Office

  • Lis Katia Cunha - Administrative Assistant
  • Marcelo Siqueira - Administrative Assistant
  • Wilson Silva Costa - Administrative Assistant

Management Committee

  • To be defined


  • Coordinator and Deputy Coordinator
  • Daniela Ota H. Suzuki
  • Diego Issicaba
  • Eduardo Luiz Ortiz Batista
  • Samir Ahmad Musa
  • Marcio Holsbach Costa (alternate member)
  • Antonio José Simões Costa (alternate member)
  • Patrick Kuo-Peng (alternate member)
  • Student: Ion Leandro Dos Santos
  • Student: Eduardo Francisco Celli Grabowski (alternate member)

Previous coordinators

  • Term: 07/01/2020- 03/31/2023
    • Coordinator: Prof. Telles Brunelli Lazzarin. E-mail:
    • Deputy Coordinator: Prof. Richard Demo Souza. E-mail:
  • Term: 07/01/2018- 06/30/2020
    • Coordinator: Prof. Bartolomeu Ferreira Uchôa-Filho. E-mail:
    • Deputy Coordinator: Prof. Richard Demo Souza. E-mail:
  • Term: 07/01/2016- 06/30/2018
    • Coordinator: Prof. Marcelo Lobo Heldwein. E-mail: 
    • Deputy Coordinator: Prof. Eduardo Luiz Ortiz Batista. E-mail:
  • Term: 04/01/2014- 06/30/2016
    • Coordinator: Prof. Carlos Galup Montoro. E-mail:
    • Deputy Coordinator: Prof. Marcelo Lobo Heldwein. E-mail:
  • Term: 06/18/2011 - 31/03/2014
    • Coordinator: Prof. Patrick Kuo Peng. E-mail:
    • Deputy Coordinator: Prof. Jacqueline Gisèle Rolim. E-mail: