Electronic Materials, Devices, Circuits and Systems

The extraordinary increase in the complexity and functionality of integrated circuits in recent decades enabled the development of telecommunications, computing, automation of industries and transport, as well as of the electronic entertainment industry. The technological evolution of semiconductors has brought us into the system-on-chip era, with billions of transistors contained in a single integrated circuit.

Health, security, environmental protection, and energy efficiency are the main challenges of the modern societies and electronics can contribute decisively to overcome them. Networks of wireless sensors and other electronic systems can add energy savings and intelligence to infrastructures which are difficult and expensive to replace, as well as provide support in places of difficult access (such as inside the human body).

These ubiquitous electronic systems typically measure and control physical variables in the analog domain using dedicated transducers, process signals in the digital domain, and communicate wirelessly.

The technological base for the new electronic systems requires the convergence of conventional areas such as Embedded Systems, Communication Technology, and Integrated Circuit Technology, enhanced by promising areas such as Nanotechnology and Molecular Electronics.

Research Topics

  • Integrated Circuits
  • RF Sensors, Circuits and Systems
  • Materials and devices

Research Laboratories


Courses Offered

EEL510228 – Introduction to Microelectronics (3 credits)
EEL510229 – Introduction to IC Design (3 credits)
EEL510331  – Radio Frequency Electronic Circuits (4 credits)
EEL510341 – Radio Frequency Systems: Architecture and Design (2 credits)
EEL510371 – Radio Frequency IC Design (2 credits)
EEL510233 – Analog IC Design (3 credits)
EEL510391 – Special Topics in Electronics: IoT: Circuits, Systems and Applications (4 credits)
EEL510253 – Special Topics in Electronics: Optoelectronics and Photonics (3 credits)
EEL510234 – Special Topics in Electronics: MOS Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits (3 credits)
EEL510235 – Arithmetic Circuits (3 credits)
EEL510390 – Introduction to VLSI Design (4 credits)